AIRCRAFT RENTAL Cessna 150 and 172


The Light Aircraft Company have 2 rental aircraft at this time, a Cessna 150 G-GFLY and recently acquired Cessna 172M G-BAXY




The Cessna 150 has been in the Norfolk area for some time and in fact many local pilots have both soloed, flown their cross countries and even passed their GFT in this great little aircraft. G-GFLY is a general rental aircraft and is available via an online booking system to pilots who have attained either an NPPL, LAPL and PPL, hold a current medical and are either current in flying a Cessna 150 or who have been checked out by our nominated Flight Instructor. There are no monthly fees and there is a flat rate per tach hour of £109 wet.







The 172M G-BAXY is a new acquisition and will be brought online in July 2014 As can bee seen from the photographs BAXY is somewhat different from your average rental hack 172, it is a full IFR training equipt aircraft.


G-BAXY benefits from a recent Nicholson McLaren zero timed engine,Garmin 430 & 340, King KCS55 HSI/RMI gyro compass, KR87 ADF, KX165 nav/com, KN64 DME, AT150 txpdr, new interior plastics, new leather interior and new screens. Rental will be limited to 15 members within the rental group with a monthly charge of £33 and an hourly rental of £115 wet.


There are insurance minimums, people wishing to join the rental group must have a minimum of 100 hours total time with no claims, they must be flight checked with our Flight Instructor and they must retain a 28 day currency on type.






For rental information please call 01328 878809 or e mail sales@g-tlac.com