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TLAC Awarded A8-1 and A8-9 approvals by the CAA



Factory built Sherwood Rangers and Sherwood Scouts (formerly Escapade 2) can now be purchased from TLAC.


Following an intensive program set by the CAA TLAC completed a number of critical audits by the CAA General Aviation unit and as a result was presented with A8-1 Design and Production and A8-9 Flight testing B Conditions approvals which now allows them to build factory built aircraft.


What does this mean to aviators and prospective owners??


Factory built aircraft have the benefit of being constructed by the factory in a controlled environment, similar to the Cessna and Pipers of this world. Being built under a controlled environment means that the quality and consistency of the build is second to none and that each and every aircraft build in this regime is a known quantity, with consistent performance, consistent handling characteristics and consistent quality.


It also means that unlike other permit based aircraft factory built aircraft can be legally used for Flight Experience flights, Flight Training and hire and reward, this makes the aircraft a possible income generator for the owner.


Prices and aircraft specifications are now available, please call 01328 878809 for information






Factory build Sherwood Rangers and Escapade 2 aircraft



On the 24th June 2014 The Light Aircraft Company Ltd officially entered into the process of gaining A8-1 also known as A1 company approval. This approval standard will enable TLAC to design, fabricate, assemble and sell factory built aircraft in the 450/472.5kg Microlight Class. At this time there is no firm end date for the process but TLAC have been advised the disciplines that their current Part M approval with sub parts F G and I privileges have been a great benefit and should enable the approval process to move forward swiftly.



Building upgrades


For those who have visited our facility they know that it is based on a World War II airfield in the idyllic region of North Norfolk, during the war it was home to several aircraft types but it is famous for being the home of 515 Mosquito Squadron.


Our hangers do not date back to that era but as a matter of progress we have made some significant changes to them over the last 6 months to improve working conditions and to prepare the organization for the process of gaining CAA A1 approval, a process that has been pushed forward by Ivor Smith along side a complete manufacturing and stock control software change over, not an inconsiderable challenge.


Our building change around has freed up valuable aircraft assembly area, we now have 3 airframe assembly areas and a dedicated wing construction area, it has also enabled us to have a dedicated Bonded Store as required by A!. We have also taken the opportunity to double skin the building and incorporate significant insulation that should protect us from the extremes of heat.



Left :- Replacement floor going in Right :- Walls being cleaned and prepared for insulation



Left:- Wall insulation going in. Right:- Interior cladding installed.



Roof lining going in with new Low Energy lighting system wiring in place



The above photographs show the cladding and insulation installed and floors painted with just the final installation of airlines, power sockets and lighting to be done. We still have quite a bit of sorting out to do as like everybody you tend to acquire lots of "stuff" over the years. We have retained our lifting platform which has been re-worked to allow airframes to be transported between floors with a minimum of fuss.


All of this work was undertaken whilst continuing with production of kits for both the UK and Export.