Sherwood Ranger and D Motor


Aircraft engines are always an emotive subject, we have seen significant development in the last 10 to 15 years in the "up to 100hp" category. Originally the Sherwood Ranger was designed to take the Rotax 532 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine which took premix fuel, this was then superceded by the Rotax 582 generating 65hp with oil injection, this engine is used highly successfully even today and it is the engine we have installed in our demonstration aircraft G-TLAC. Since G-TLAC first flew we have been delighted with it's performance with the 582 but very aware that it has limitations compared to that of a 4 cylinder 4 stroke powered Sherwood Ranger, those being a lesser cruise speed, higher fuel consumption and engine TBO. There also those aviators that will always want 4 stroke power under the cowlings and have that capability in their budget.


There are a number of Jabiru powered Sherwood Rangers built and flying and also under construction, this engine has given great performance over the years despite market concerns about reliability, as with every aircraft in GA large or small the engine installation is critical and the Jabiru is no different, care with the cylinder head cooling system is critical.


TLAC have followed a new Belgian engine for many years, it started originally as a design called the Maschi based on similar proportions to the Jabiru 2200 but the company dissolved, it was then resurrected and became the D Motor.


So what does the D Motor offer that others do not? Well it offers a high performance 4 cylinder 4 stroke with full FADEC control, multi port fuel injection, water cooling, high power output of 85hp with a high torque output in harmony with the HP output offering a flattened performance curve at low RPM all of this in a 47kg package which will end up at around 54 to 55 kg installed wet and making noise. One of the inspired features of the engine is that it has opted for a side valve configuration, old technology maybe but side valves offer high torque at low RPM just what is needed for aircraft, all of this with a 70% power cruise fuel burn of 11 ltr's per hour.


TLAC will be offering direct supply of D Motors for Sherwood Ranger builders, we are currently working on our own installation in our demonstration Sherwood Ranger XP.


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