Engines and Engine Mounts


Rotax 582 Engine mount, this is a fabricated aluminium engine mount sold by TLAC as a kit of components. Despite its appearance it is an incredibly strong structure and can be found on Sherwood Rangers dating back to the early 1990's, it is a proven design that can be assemble in your workshop.


Rotax mount rightrotax mount left


Rotax mount leftmount bed




Jabiru 2200 Engine mount




Due to extortionate price increases imposed on the Sherwood Ranger Jabiru engine mount by a subcontractor based in Lincolnshire (almost 75 % in 2 years) TLAC has taken production of the mount back in house. Quality is now back to where is should be and pricing pegged, the only authorised mount is now via The Light Aircraft Company Ltd.


Jabiru 2200 engine mount, this is a welded structure fabricated from 4130 aircraft grade chrome moly steel, its structure and special mounting points make fitting this mount a simple process. The design takes account of thrust line and offset, these features have also been considered in the design and tooling of the Jabiru cowlings.


mountmount 2


Completed Jabiru 2200 engine mount out of the welding jig and ready for shipment.


mount 3mount 4


A completed Jabiru 2200 engine mount completed but shown in the welding jig.


Prior to welding each tube has to be "fish mouthed" in other words shaped so that it fits with precision to its neighbouring tube and to the hard mount points,. Just think of all the different angles involved and the shape the tube end needs to be to form a perfect fit. You may ask why is a perfect fit needed when the structure is going to be welded?? well aircraft welding is somewhat different to general welding, we weld using state of the art Froneus Magicwave TIG welding equipment, to get the best strength from the joint the filler rod is not meant to replace shortcomings in the fit of the parent metal and if big gaps were present a weak joint would be created.


Fish mouthing is very difficult to automate and would only really be viable if you were to produce hundreds of mounts so in this case when engine mounts are made 2 or 3 at a time each tube has to be hand filed and fitted prior to welding, a time consuming job but a job that has to be done correctly.


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