Export and Approvals


A quick overview to see where Sherwood Rangers are being build and at what stage Approval status is at.



At this time there are 2 kits under construction on France, we have had so much interest from the aviation community in France we have decided to exhibit at Blois this year (2011)

France Update

We have been in discussions with an organisation in France to act as Distributors for the French and Swiss markets, the principles of the organisation are both keen aviators and experienced aircraft builders, it is true to say they are passionate about flying. We have had many enquiries from France and we hope to be in a position to advise all of those people just after Christmas that agreement has been reached.



This year we completed our second Aero Expo exhibition, the Sherwood Ranger was shown on the floor on the ORATEX show stand in hall B1 stand 125, and the interest was amazing. During the show we spent time with DULV, OUV and DAC looking at the process necessary to get the aircraft approved for sale in Germany either in kit form or as a completed aircraft.

We are working our way through the process and liasing with the necessary controlling authorities.


Germany Update

Please click the following link for up to date information to the German approval process



There is a Sherwood Ranger reaching basic airframe completion in Malta. Michael Cammileri. Michael has been working with a school on this project and it is scheduled to have a Jabiru 2200 4 cylinder motor.




We have 2 Sherwood Rangers under construction, these are early kits that we are continuing to supply components for. Due to the size of the country we are seeking representation in the USA with East Coast and West Coast dealer principles. The Sherwood Rangers are being constructed under the Experiment Aircraft rules.



At this time we have no builders in Canada, there has been a lot of interest shown but as yet



There is a UK built Sherwood Ranger being flown in Italy, Ben Chester-Masters G-PUSY currently lives near Pisa and is enjoying the glorious weather in that fantastic country. From Aero Expo 2010 we have had a number of enquiry's for Italian customers and we have test fights booked for later this year.



Spain and Portugal


Several enquiry's from the Aero Expo 2010 show, nothing under construction as yet


South Africa


The first kit has been shipped to South Africa and is under construction. We would like to get a dealer in that part of the world as there is a good flying population and the ideal country for the Sherwood Ranger