Fast Build Kit Page


Here you see the gradual assembly of both a Fast Build Wing and Fast Build Fuselage Kit.


Sherwood Ranger Fast Build Kits have been approved by the LAA in the UK. There is the legal requirement that Fast Build aircraft kits built under the control of the LAA must leave the builder 51% or greater to complete themselves, it is with this requirement as the basis that we have created our Fast Build kits.


As well as representing a significant time saving to the builder the Fast Build kits have the benefit of having all aluminium components being processed through the TLAC corrosion proofing system, providing increase corrosion resistance to both the exterior and more importantly the interior of airframe tubes. Additionally the accuracy to which both the wings and fuselage are built is to within fractions of millimetres.


What is done?


A Fast Build Wing kit (Time saved approx. 160 hours)


Wing ribs made up with rib caps bonded.

Main spar and fittings corrosion proofed

Drag spar and fittings corrosion proofed

Wing ribs bonded to Main spar and Drag spar

Interplane strut tube bonded to ribs

Front stringers bonded

Aileron cut out stringers bonded

Aileron hinge spacers bonded

Trailing edge bonded






A Fast Build Fuselage Kit (Time saved approx. 280 hours)


Front and rear fuselage frames assembled

Front fuselage assembled

Front cross members profiled and installed

Rear fuselage assembled

Fin assembled



Front fuselage frames being assembled and checked for square during initial assembly.



The front fuselage frames being trail assembled with the use of bolts supplied with the kit and temporary fastenings called "Clecos". The use of saw horses makes working on the framework a more pleasurable experience.


In The above 2 photographs it can be seen that the front fuselage is now almost completely trial assembled, at this stage the entire airframe is stripped down, deburred and scuffed prior to being corrosion proofed, the corrosion proofing taking about a day on just these components.


After the corrosion proofing the components are re assembled, final match hole drilled and finish fastened using both rivets and bolts as per the drawings, at all stages build accuracy is maintained and tolerances checked.


Final assembly pictures to be added along with the construction of the rear fuselage