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Here you will find the latest news and information on the Sherwood Ranger builders in France


Francois Bertrand


Gerard Barray


Pierre Yves Tempier New First Flight and AKS finished aircraft




Francois Bertrand


Francois has been busy since he first received his Sherwood Ranger ST kit, there was a pause for about 8 weeks from when his kit was first delivered but since then he has been breaking records in the assembly of his kit. Francois has also been at the cutting edge being the first builder to use the D Motor as his power plant, have a look at the pictures below, the build quality is outstanding



Francois doing a bit of ground flying, fuselage assembled along with undercarriage, tail feathers and lower wings.




Francois airframe complete with wings and flying surfaces covered, fuselage still remains uncovered allowing electrical installation, fuel circuit and ancillary items to be installed easily. The D Motor can be seen installed under our standard flat 4 cowlings originally designed for the Jabiru 2200 engine. As you can see the D Motor looks a perfect fit.




Close up of D Motor installation



Pretty much finished and by the pool



Job done at the airfield awaiting a permit to fly.



Gerard Barray




Ms. Gerard Barray has been working away for a while assembling his Sherwood Ranger ST, every now and then I get a humorous post card through the post making fun of the English French divide asking for parts to be sent or drawings e mailed. It would be fair to say Gerard has enjoyed and continues to enjoy his build, I am sure I will get a few more postcards before his aircraft defies the laws of gravity.



Gerard taking a well earned break



Tail pretty much completed and on the tailwheel



Rotax 582 neatly installed




Wings awaiting fitting and finishing


Wednesday 6th June 2012, well Gerard has been busy, maybe spurred on by the progress of his countrymen or maybe the flight in our Sherwood demonstrator kicked him up a gear but from the note he sent with the photographs his Sherwood Ranger needs covering and electrics, so if we have a summer this year it looks like he will be airborne.



Well the glass folding doors were an expense but how else can you build an aircraft??








I assume getting the back end up at this stage Gerard was getting the incidence and dihedral sorted out



So close, as I said earlier just the covering and electrics to do.



Well Gerard has been busy, he has the finish line in sight and has pushed forward to get this Sherwood Ranger finished, who knows maybe ha can be done for Blois and fly in this year...............




Pierre Yves Tempier AKS


ne of the first shots of Pierre Yves build, Pierre Yves is the owner of AKS the French Distributor of the Sherwood Ranger.



The above shows real progress with the front fuselage assembled and the rear fuselage going together nicely and the alignment being checked



Central section shot taken from overhead the Pilots cockpit looking forward to the passengers position, this picture shows the bracing structure and multiple fuselage plates.



Typical fuselage plate joint cluster with combination of rivets and aircraft grade bolts.



Rear fuselage trial assembly showing the Warren frame truss structure clearly all held together with temporary fasteners called Cleco's



Pretty much the full fuselage structure assembled with the addition of the engine mount hanging off of the front, an ideal time to test mount this item to ensure the structure is going together as it should. Mounting the engine basket at this time is strictly temporary as the Stainless Steel firewall still has t be mounted up.



Moving on a few weeks see's the AKS Sherwood Ranger up on its wheels, turtledeck, headrest and empennage fitted, and with the fin and tail feathers being assembled. AKS have made significant advances and are a professional builder.



Latest photographs in from Pierre Yves, as you can see significant progress has been made over the Christmas period, overhead center section is completed and covered, rear fuselage and landing gear likewise.



Pierre Yves has chosen to go with minimal instruments, the latest electronic EFIS takes the main work load but there are a few standard analogue instruments in the front cockpit.




This is the first 912 mount we have seen mounted to a Sherwood Ranger, we have to say at this time that it is not factory supported and we have no stress and loading calculations for the actual mount nor do we know what the interaction with the fuselage will be both in the long term or short term, we also have no data at this time with regard to weight and balance. We await this information.




912 engine mount in profile



912 engine trial fitted, due to the configuration of the 912 factory cowlings are not available at this time.



It has not been confirmed but it looks like Pierre Yves is thinking of spats for his Sherwood Ranger. It looks interesting but builders please consider the strips that you operate from and the potential for soil and mud build up, spats can also suffer damage from long grass.


Pierre Yves photographs from his first flight




Pierre Yves reports back that his first flight was uneventful and that the aircraft performed well with the Rotax 912 engine. Speed achieved was 150kph at 5000 rpm whilst consuming 18 ltr's per hour, take off distance 50 meters. As soon as we have more information on aircraft handling and performance it will be posted here.


More accurate figures are as follows from more flight testing carried out by Pierre Yves


Stall speed to 60 km / h
Cruising speed at 4200 r / min 140 km / h
Cruising speed at 4500 r / min 150 km / h
Cruising speed at 5000 r / min 160 km / h
Full-throttle speed: 5400 r / min 180 km / h

Consumption at 4200 rev / min 15.5 l / h

Takeoff distance: 40 meters
Climb rate 6 m / s or 1200 feet per min


Pierre had some initial cooling issues these have now been resolved and we look forward to some video footage soon.


AKS finished aircraft


Well I have just had these photographs forwarded to me of the finished AKS demonstrator, cant say too much as it has turned into a fantastic looking aircraft now.




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