Sherwood Ranger Builders in Hungary


Here you will find the latest news and information on the Sherwood Ranger builders in Hungary



Having seen the Sherwood Ranger in Friedrichshafen 2011 and fallen in love with it Csaba Batha's next problem was getting it back to Hungary ! Not wanting to trust carriers and freight companies with this precious cargo Csaba decided the only way to get his new project back to Hungary in tip top condition was to collect in person, this he did and to our amazement we now know that you can get a Sherwood Ranger, your wife and Daughter into a Mondeo estate with a roof rack......................




Csaba Is now making progress on the build and we will post pictures soon.



Well as you can see Csaba has made really good progress with the front and read fuselage primarily assembled and all this with only 2 or 3 e mails asking for clarification, outstanding work I have to say.




Well as soon as I get some more photographs I will get them posted up.


I know I was very surprised when Csaba came to Norfolk to collect his kit in a Mondeo estate with his wife and daughter, I would think (know) that the trip home would be very ...........confined. Well we had an e mail in from Csaba the other day saying he was due to be in the UK on business in a few days time and could he collect a pair of engine cowlings to take back on the commercial airline flight, engine cowlings are quite a size??? well he did it again, he got them home safe and sound, he cannot have been flying with Ryanair that's all I can say as they would definitely not fit in the overhead.


Check back for more on Csaba's build