Sherwood Ranger Builders in Spain


Here you will find the latest news and information on the Sherwood Ranger builders in Spain



News just in from our Distributor Andi Aeronautica SLL in Spain.


Despite the difficult economic climate Andi Aeronautica have pushed forward and are well underway with the construction of their demonstration Sherwood Ranger.


The Packing case being unloaded, let the work begin.



Mechanical and wood parts sorted and placed into storage bins ready for assembly



Assembling a Sherwood Ranger really is child's play and Spanish children have that mechanical aptitude from an early age, here the young engineer can be seen assembling the FB90 brackets on the rear fuselage.



As every good engineer does checking the drawings, measure twice cut once as the old saying goes.



The main fuselage final assembled and ready for linking with the rear fuselage, Andi Aeronautica certainly have a workshop to die for.







Front and rear fuselage mated the build crew move on to control assemble




Now with firewall fitted and turtle deck positioned, next step landing gear on, now she is starting to look like an aircraft.



Tail feather assembly taking place and the flying controls being installed, love the red colour, certainly wont miss them.




A close up of the painted and fitted under carriage.


Check back for more information, as soon as we have it it will be posted