Sherwood Ranger Builders in Thailand


Here you will find the latest news and information on the Sherwood Ranger builders in Thailand



Geoff Wood is our builder in Thailand, "he came, he saw, he flew, he ordered" Geoff is no stranger to microlight's and aircraft, he has previously built a Rans.


Shown below are some of his photographs which he kindly sent through on CD. Oh by the way Geoff has to suffer slightly better weather than we do in the UK hence working outside when prepping his spars.



Packing case arrives after a long while on the ocean.



Geoff outside enjoying the climate whilst prepping his main spars.




Spars done and dusted, well coated with 2 pack etch primer anyway



The assembly begins, clean tidy work with nicely finish components




Rivets pulled with Duralac coating oozing out



Wing rib assembly showing root fitting clamped in the jig



One complete wing jigged up and ready for rib bonding


Aileron ribs with metal work attached


Keep up the great work Geoff.