Sherwood Ranger Builders in The United Kingdom


Here you will find the latest news and information on the Sherwood Ranger builders in Hungary


Martin and Ken


Martin and Ken are serial builders and have completed to my knowledge 3 LAA aircraft. They are true craftsmen and take a great deal of pride and expend a great deal of effort and attention to detail in fit and finish. The details below will speak volumes.



Photos one and two show the brake cam's and new brake levers being fitted and the fuselage in primer.



Photos three and four show the wings and interplane struts being fitted, necessity is the mother of invention when it comes to fitting the upper wings, strange how nearly every builder comes up with exactly the same fixture.



Fuselage covered, engine on, note how Ken and Martin have modified the cowling prior to paint to get full enclosure on the Jabiru engine finning and re locating the oil cooler inlet with a much lowered chin scoop.



January 2013


Martyn and Ken have now completed the build, the prop is on, static testing has been done ( and the results are impressive), the permit to test fly is in position all they need now is the weather. Keep checking here for updates on this great aircraft.



Charles Blount


Charles decided to build a Sherwood Ranger following a test flight at the Popham microlight fair and a subsequent visit to us at Little Snoring. Progress has been progressive and steady with Charles opting for the Fast Build wing kit.



Fuselage frames going together getting ready for final drilling bolting and riveting, with the front and rear frames accurately assembled the front fuselage is the next stage.



With the front fuselage complete the next stage os getting the rear fuselage assembled along with the landing gear. Compared with the early stages of preparation, cutting, de burring, these stages happen fairly quickly and the progress is satisfying as the aircraft gradually comes to life.



Continuing with assembly, the tail feathers are next on the agenda, here you can see the tailplane, fin, rudder and elevators at final assembly.



Wheels on and out in the sun, before and after the process of spraying the fuselage with Zinc Chromate.



Well jumping a few steps forward, the turtle deck has been fitted along with the firewall side cheeks, the center section has been assembled and the wings are being fitted. Careful attention needs to be paid to getting airframe level at this stage with that established the correct dihedral angle on upper and lower wings can be achieved. With the lower wings fitted and prop'd and the upper wings supported the interplane strut can be assembled and be match fitted.


Charles, just love the Union Jack, need to get one for the workshop ourselves.



January 2013


Well things have moved forward a pace with Charles, below you can see the fuselage covered, I think the wings are out of shot but are ready to fit so things are gathering a pace down in the lower reaches of Hampshire.



Bit of a leap but from a finished fuselage to a rigged and almost finished Sherwood Ranger awaiting final cowling paint and finishing.



And the nett result of Charles's hard work and pereverance an outstanding Sherwood Ranger ST with distinctive logo. At the time of this web post the test flying had been concluded, a bit more work was necessary to get the oil cooling right and some minor snagging. Hopefully Charles will be flying the wheels off f it very soon.