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Due to the amount of information and images there are available for the Sherwood Ranger we decided to create a page specifically to download information, some downloads do take a time dependant on your braodband connection speed.


Download the original Sherwood Ranger Sales Brochure created by Russ Light, it makes excellent reading and when compared to the latest sales brochure it really highlight the advances we have made in reducing the amount of time needed to build an aircraft.


Download the original Flyer Magazine flight test report by Miles McCallum dated September 1995, it features Russ Lights originalLW 390kg prototype G-MWND, the current Sherwood Ranger has changed conciderably since that time.


Download the American Kitplanes magazine flight test report published in July 1996, most of the words are from Miles McCallum but with some modification.


Download a rare copy of the American Sport Pilots and Ultralights magazine report in April 1997, this was based on the first US assembled Sherwood Ranger XP, the owner Dan Nelson who also became the US distributor. Unfortunately the supply of components and kits was disruptted by Russ's ill health and the the partnership failed, despite effort I have been unable to track Dan Nelson down, if you are awre of his presence we would love to make contact with him.In this publication Norm Goyer really does a great job in the technical write up and Joe Fitzgerald does a great job in support



2012 Sherwood Ranger brochure MkIII


Download the Sherwood Ranger Spin Report, this is incorperated in Newsleter No 12 back in December 2003. Spin testing was done by Eddie Clapham in George Webbs aircraft G-WZOL, a 450kg Jabiru powered ST to BCAR Section S Issue 2, the test was successful and it was deemed that no further testing was required.


Download the BMAA Flight Test Reoprt, this was the first up to date flight test made on the Sherwood Ranger since the late 90's. The flight test was made by David Bremner at the time the Editor of the BMAA magazine and the aircraft was our own demonstrator G-TLAC.


Download the LAA Flight Test Report, this flight test was done by Francis Donaldson Cheif Eningeer of the Light Aircraft Assocaition, a great read. The camera ship for this sorte was the Tiger Moth of Henry Labouchere, ably flown by him, his tiger also features in some of the photographs.







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