Here you will find the latest news and information on the TLAC range of light aircraft as well as up to date technical support and information.






The analysis of the Sherwood Ranger Aero has now been completed by our stress engineer and has been forwarded to the Light Aircraft Association for assessment and hopefully a speedy approval. The Sherwood Ranger XP Aero will be available as a Category A aircraft only, with the Jabiru 2200 engine nominated and the power plant although other units are being looked at. The stress analysis highlighted 2 areas that TLAC needed to re-engineer to achieve the necessary reserve factors for its aerobatic role, these have been quickly addressed and kits area available as either standard build, FAST build wings and or FAST build fuselage.




The Sherwood Ranger XP Aero is nearing the final stages of its full structural analysis. The Sherwood Ranger XP Aero has been designed as a single seat aerobatic aircraft based around the standard XP airframe using the Jabiru 2200 engine as the power plant. The stress analysis has been undertaken by Mike Robins of Robins Aviatech with whom we have worked with previously and who has an excellent working relationship with the Engineering Department of the LAA. The Sherwood Ranger XP Aero is a Category A aircraft only.


Whilst the stress analysis has been being worked on we have been working away on the first of the marque and we are hopeful to have our demonstrator flying well before the end of the year, please re-visit this page for updates and we will post photographs shortly.