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Why not visit us in true style by flying in for a visit.


Aircraft flying into Little Snoring visiting TLAC for Sales or maintenance will not incur landing or parking fee’s.




By Air: refer to your airfield guide for runway details. Circuits are left hand, 800 feet. Avoid over flying local villages, use runways 07/25 whenever possible with 10/28 used only if necessary. Little Snoring Airfield is in a farming environment keep a good look out for farm traffics and activities.


To view the airfield Pooleys please pick either:

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The Little Snoring frequency is 118.125 please use like a US Unicom announcing who you are and what your intentions are. If arriving from the West contact Marham on 124.15, if arriving from the South or East then contact Norwich Radar on 119.35.

Waypoint N52 51.65  E000 54.57   196ft AMSL

Before heading off make sure to check the latest and most up to date weather forecasts for Little Snoring AirfieldWeather Forecast