Probably the most important step of buying a pre-owned aircraft is the Pre Purchase inspection. Regardless of whether you are spending £10,000 or £200,000 a Pre Purchase inspection can save you a fortune and your sanity.


A Pre Purchase inspection is not a quick look around the aircraft and a couple of circuits, if that is all your maintenance company undertakes then you should undertake to change them!


The first stage of a successful Pre Purchase inspection should involve you ensuring your maintenance organisation has the capability (scope) of maintaining the type and model of aircraft you are concidering buying. They should then do the desk research on the aircraft in question researching any particular service requirements, all of the AD's and SB's etc. The aircraft should then be brought into a well lit maintenance workshop, all of the panels removed and the aircraft inspected, serial numbers checked against logbooks along with compliance with any AD's and SB's and any lifed items checked to ensure servicability. Anything less than this has the potential to cost you money in the long term, the cost of a replacement CSU, the cost of replacing an engine, the cost of changing a pair of mags in relationship to the cost of a Pre Purchase survey can be pretty significant.


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