Kit Options


Detailed below are various options that can be ordered that are not included within the standard kit:-



The standard method of wing covering around the interplane strut is with fabric, this meaning that the fabric covering of the wing buts straight up to the Interplane strut on the top side of the lower wing and bottom side of the upper wing, the builder bonding in a small fillet of aircraft grade ply from offcuts as a termination strip.


When we covered our demonstration aircraft we thought that an alternative to that would be to have aluminum infill panels which could be screwed to the respective ribs with ultra small stainless screws, we have now had time to digitize the panels we made from the cardboard templates we made, CAM'ed them up and we are now producing them on our CNC router. Two sets of each pair are required per aircraft and they cost £18.33 plus VAT per pair (one pair per wing 4 wings)





Following on from our grey leather upholstery package we have had a few builders ask for Black and below are some pictures of that upholstery pack instu in an airframe.


We have also been asked for control stick boots as we have in our demonstration aircraft, we can now offer these in the same high grade leather as the upholstery is made from.







An increasingly popular option to speed up the building of a Sherwood Ranger are Fast Build Wings. Saving 120 building hours to the average builder the Fast Build Wings option provides the builder with a set of 4 wings to an 80% complete stage. ribs and rib caps are carefully prepared, sanded and degreased prior to being bonded together, they are then individually assembled onto a fully prep' d and corrosion proofed main and drag spar and bonded into position using a specially developed epoxy adhesive. The resultant 4 wing assemblies are millimeter accurate with the washout built in and ready for final finishing.




Following discussions with the LAA Engineering Department TLAC are now able to offer factory produced Fast Build Fuselage Kits. This option saves approximately 280 hours of build time and has the advantage of being treated with the TLAC corrosion proofing system providing corrosion resistance on all aluminum components including the internal surfaces of the tubes.The Fast Build option completes the fuselage from firewall to sternpost leaving the controls,seat rails, flying surfaces and undercarriage to be assembled and installed.




New non electric fuel gauges are now available for the Sherwood Ranger. The new gauge is a non electrical hydrostatic gauge calibrated specifically to the Sherwood Rangers front mounted fuel tank and it comprises of 2 components, the gauge which is a 52mm diameter unit and a pressure pump which is operated to reset the gauge when the tank has been refilled. The non electrical nature of the gauge makes installation very simple and intrinsically very safe.



The photographs above an below shows the fuel gauge with the pressure pump, the capillary tube and the brass connector (capillary to fuel finger filter tee piece).




Installation is a breeze, a hole is cut for the gauge, the gauge is front mounted and there is a locking ring and gaskets which retains the gauge from the rear. Another hole is cut for the pressure pump which is retained by two screws (not supplied). Once the pump and gauge is fitted the capillary tube is connected to a tee piece which is incorporated in the tube between the pump and gauge, the capillary tube is then taken forward and connected to the bottom of the fuel tank, normally via a tee piece installed into the finger filter. Care should be taken to ensure that the capillary is mounted above the gauge and above the highest level of fuel in the tank to prevent back flow to the gauge and pump.



For pricing and availability please call.




In response to customer demand TLAC have created an upholstery kit for the Sherwood Ranger. The kit, made in Norfolk is crafted from the finest leather with quality foam filling and the finest of stitching, the patterns for the kit have been taken from our time served demonstrator with the same fixings which have proven to be very robust. The kit comprises of front and rear seat bases, front and rear seat backs and a padded headrest, all components are piped at the edges, backs and bases are tuck and roll and every component has zipper access, additionally an air permeable layer is incorporated in the seat backs and bases to enable them to breath.


The standard colour is a soft antique grey, other colours are available please call for more information and prices.





We have just installed a new metal treatment plant to provide all the aluminum tubes and fittings of our Fast Build kits with outstanding corrosion protection both externally and internally. This process has taken a year of development with a major chemical company, during recent testing we exposed sample tubes to a salt spray test of 72 hours and 90% humidity at 34 degrees centigrade, untreated tubes showed significant corrosion whilst the treated tubes came out of the test completely unmarked. This process eliminates the need for the application of Zinc Chromate (always difficult to apply to tubes internally with good results), adds no weight to the aircraft and provides the ideal substraight for subsequent paint if the builder want to.


Fast Build Wing Kit (NOW AVAILABLE)


We have been asked for ways to reduce the build time for the Sherwood Rangers, we are currently working to create a fast build wing kit at reasonable costs. Over the last 6 months we have been working on a new assembly system that would lend itself to our production methods, increase assembly repeatability and increase overall strength. We are aiming to have this option available towards the end of the 3rd quarter 2011.



Fuel Filler Cap


Designed to fit the 42 ltr composite forward tank we are now offering a non locking quick release filler cap with integral breather and cam action retainer. The anodised receptacle can be bonded into the recess of the tank with a Loctite epoxy system. The cost of the filler cap with integral breather and receptacle ring Part Number OE103 £47.83


Fuel Filler 1Fuel Filler 2



Control Panels


Getting a good control panel with well spaced instruments is one challenge, getting the panel with all the screw holes in the right place is quite another, I know I have tried to do it several times. In G-TLAC we have a front and rear panel which works well for us and a panel that enables both P1 and P2 to fly, the P1 panel has been laid out with the Rotax 582 in mind but could easily be adapted to suit other engine installations. One must remember that the Sherwood Ranger is an open cockpit biplane, reference to instrumentation whilst being a legal requirement is somewhat secondary to flying the plane and the sound of the wind in the wires can replace the ASI and VSI when operating in a general handling environment.


The P2 (forward cockpit) panel contains 3 instruments, typically ASI, Altimeter and Turn Indicator. The P1 (rear cockpit) houses ASI, Compass, Altimeter, Tachometer and in our case a water temp gauge, it also 10 holes which can house circuit breakers, switches and or indicator lights. We also utilise the areas to either side of the control panels to fit additional gauges.


The P1 panel appears to be over long, but his is to allow the panel to be folded and hinged off of the tube directly in front of it, the hinge system make life a lot easier when going through the wiring phase of the build also simplifies any ongoing maintenance. The also creates a "shelf" that supports and protects wiring that feeds the instrument panel.


P2 panelMain panel


Left - Front (P2) Control Panel OE101 £16.00

Right - Rear (P1) Control Panel OE100 £32.00




Custom made for TLAC by one of the UK's specialist harness producer TLAC offer 3 standards of harness:-


Basic:- a basic harness system with press button release lock block, steel manually adjustable waist and shoulder belt adjusters and snap on connectors for fast attachment to the aircraft harness mounting system.


Standard:- the next stage up from the basic harness system with aluminum twist release lock block, steel manually adjustable waist and shoulder belt adjusters and snap on connectors for fast attachment to the aircraft harness mounting system.


Deluxe:- top of the range harness system with aluminum twist to release lock block, aluminum quick release adjusters on waist and shoulder belts and snap on connectors for fast attachment to the aircraft harness mounting system.


Harness escutions


CNC machined harness escutions (4 off) designed to fit the TLAC harnesses, they mount to the composite turtledeck with either screws or rivets and they eliminate harness fretting on the turtledeck, they come in sheet metal finish but can be either machine turned, highly polished, blast finished or painted, a real nice finishing touch to the cockpit environment.


Throttle kit


People have differing ideas on what they want to fit for throttle actuation, TLAC now produce a kit which when assembled provides a pendulum action throttle assembly, the kit includes front and rear throttle lever, friction system, link rod, fasteners, rivets, knobs etc. it does not include cables, outer sleeves or the carb end fittings.




A battery that when filled with battery acid turns the liquid to gel and the sealing system ensures there is no spillage, no vent is needed. We have used these batteries for a long time and have found them to offer high performance at very reasonable cost.


Windscreen moldings


When Russ Light designed the Sherwood Range he specified that the windscreens are fitted to the turtledeck using aluminum offcuts or strips, this is a great way of mounting the windscreens, however if you want to have a slick appearance hand forming aluminum can take days, it took our aluminum specialist 3 days to hand form a front and rear windscreen mount to form around the double curvature turtledeck. So to speed up the whole process we have made the tooling and can now offer composite windscreen mounting flanges.




Any aircraft only performs as good as its engine propeller match. We have worked with a UK propeller manufacture to get the best match for the Sherwood Ranger. Critical information such as engine power output, cruise and peek RPM, wing and fuselage cross sectional areas, expected flight characteristics are all taken into account in creating the custom built prop for your aircraft.




To match the prop and cowlings we have created a unique spinner mounting system incorporating crush plate, the spinner is available in either standard glass cloth or if you fancy carbon fibre


Tundra tyres


The Sherwood Ranger kit or finished aircraft comes with standard wide cushion tyres, for those builders or owners who want to have the bush aircraft attitude or want to land on unprepared strips the TLAC tundra's hit the sweet spot, whilst not a big as those seen on the Valdez competition aircraft they give the aircraft a more imposing appearance.


Basic VFR Instruments


Elevator inspection panels


Offered as a low cost pre flight inspection option. The transparent panels fit either side of the elevator control horn and allow an unhindered view of its attachment and the control cables.


Fabric terminations


When covering fabric aircraft fabric terminations are essential, they can be made form any material and they fit where metal or wood protrudes from the fabric, it give the fabric something to be attached to. To make them is a bit of a fiddle and very time consuming, TLAC created originals, had them scanned and digitized and we now offer them CNC machined in 0.8mm GL1 plywood. If you buy your covering system from us they are provided free of charge, if you want to make your own arrangements then they are available at extra cost