Jabiru cowlings and fuel tank


A few photographs of the new Jabiru cowlings for the Sherwood Ranger ST and XP. These are high quality polyester mouldings manufactured from fire resistant polyester, reinforcement has been made in the joggled edge areas also in the rear flange area. The first production run had the openings cut out, future production will have the holes guideline marked but not cut this enabling the builder to fine tune the cut outs to meet their installation.



side 1side 2

frontside 3



Below is a photograph of the retro fit flange for the new forward mounted fuel tank. This flange is manufactured in fire resistant polyester, it is trimmed to allow fitment into previously supplied turtledeck and present a professional finish.






Fuel Control System


Switching fuel on and off safely and efficiently can present problems, with kit build/home build aircraft it is a feature normally left to the builder to make a system to his or her design, to his or her liking as long as it complies with the regulations of the country that the aircraft is registered under.


To make life somewhat simpler, if the builder wants to, TLAC have designed a slick acting, professional and efficient fuel control system. Controlled from the rear cockpit and actuated by a tubular push pull rod the hard anodised fuel control valve, available in either 1/4" for carb engines and 3/8" for injected, is fed from the fuel tank via a finger filter through the valve and firewall through to the firewall mounted gascolator, also hard anodised and fitted with a filter capable of water separation. We do not include hose and fire sleeve as we do not know how you are going to run the hose runs, but, we do include :-


Fuel control valve actuator lever

Fuel valve mounting plate and rivets

Fuel valve mounting bolts

Fuel valve push rod guide plate, guide bush and knob

Fuel control rod lock, along with split pins, clevise, washers etc.


We can also supply:-


Fuel control valve (hard anodised with PTFE control surfaces) with hose fitting both sides

Gascolator (hard anodised with water separation filter) with hose fittings both sides and mount




Above Left fuel valve and actuator. Above right fuel valve, fuel valve mounting plate and control rod in place.


Below the fuel tank finger filter with 3/8" elbow for

fuel injected engines and with the connector for

hydrostatic fuel gauge fitted.