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New Tube profiling machine online

After many months of work the CNC tube profiling machine has come on line making components. Now TLAC can bring a new dimension to welded tube assemblies,


TLAC have had a custom CNC machine designed and built to profile both ends of a tube in one setup and cut out features within the main tube body.


The CNC machine,combined with bespoke pre and post processing software enable us to extract the profile data direct from 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks and produce components and assemblies with incredible accuracy and repeatability.


Our expertise and this new unique process allows us to achieve machining tolerances on fabricated structures.


Simplify Welding! Reduce Manufacturing Time! Improve Quality!


TLAC Tube Tech is based on CNC machining technology rather than laser/plasma cutting..

"First-off" and Custom Projects are always welcome.


Eliminate measuring - cutting - grinding - fitting tubes one at a time!


The TLAC Tube Tech cutting process provides for a precision fit, no gaps to fill, optimal for welding.

Our profile cutting is a proprietary machining process it produces the cleanest cut surface in tube sizes as small as 0.250” outside diameter.

The cut surface has no heat affected zones or surface impurities which is particularly important with 4130N chrome moly tubing.


Feature cutting

Additional holes, slots and cutouts added simultaneously in the CNC process. Ideal for vent holes, locating or attachment features

  • min 0.125" hole size
  • min 0.125" slots
  • 0.062" inside radii
  • Physical Capacity

    • maximum 2.000" OD round
    • maximum: 0.120" wall thickness
    • Lengths: 0.125" to 240"
    • Materials: all machineable materials
    • Tolerances: better than 0.005"
    • Quantities: single to hundreds


TLAC Appointed Eastern Region D Motor Distributor



The Light Aircraft Company Ltd has just been appointed as the Eastern Region Distributor and Service Center for the D Motor range of engines. TLAC have followed this engine for the past 10 years and have entered into a test program initially with the Sherwood Ranger XP, results have been very encouraging, TLAC also have kit builders around the world with D Motors fitted and they are achieving great performance, fuel consumption and reliability.


Sherwood Ranger XP In flight testing with D Motor



Flight testing the new Sherwood Ranger XP with the new D Motor flat 4 side valve water cooled fuel injected 95 hp motor have been very successful. Our initial teething problems with getting sufficient engine cooling at prolonged high engine power setting has been testing to say the least but we expect of our aircraft the same reliability and performance that the large GA aircraft companies expect, we are not prepared to accept anything else. During the extensive testing program we have made repeated best angle climbs at MTOW to 5000 feet and above, during this time the engine has performed faultlessly and the cooling system been modified to stay within operating parameters throughout.


Sherwood KUB's now available factory Built



TLAC are now producing Sherwood KUB SSDR aircraft, the first aircraft is nearing completion, another is in powder coat and the third ready for welding.


TLAC Gains A8-1 approval for factory built microlight aircraft




You Tube Video


New footage has been posted on YouTube of the Sherwood Ranger demonstrator being flight tested, its short field performance and precise handling enabled all of the flights to be handled within the bounds of Lt Snoring airfield. Watch the recent video click here or to see some library video of a Sherwood Ranger in the US built by Dan Nelson click here


New Cowlings


Cowlings specifically for the Jabiru 2200 and other flat 4 engines are now available. With an increasing number of customers looking at flat 4 four stroke engines to power the Sherwood Ranger we have commissioned a pair (upper and lower) engine cowlings specifically for that purpose. The is a choice of either Carbon Fibre or conventional GRP construction and we should be able to confirm pricing after the first moldings have been taken from the moulds, click here to enquire about these cowlings.


New Laser


As part of the ongoing program to increase kit quality, and to bring in-house manufacturing that had previously been sub-contracted The Light Aircraft Company Ltd has received delivery of their own high performance wood cutting laser. This investment will enable wood ribs normally cut from GL1 ply by high speed router to be cut with zero cutting forces applied to the wood. The high performance water cooled laser will cut up to 6mm GL1 and commercial WBP plywood, a wide range of other woods, plastics, fabrics etc, it also will enable wooden components to be marked with individual part numbers making builders lives a lot easier.


Friedrichshafen 2010


With our demonstrator (G-TLAC) complete and 30 plus hours of air time under its wings we once again took the significant decision to put her on her purpose built trailer and take the 1800 mile round trip to Friedrichhafen, to exhibit her at Aero Expo 2010. We had made this trip the year before but she was suspended at a height of 6 meters above the Oratex stand and whilst she drew some admiring glances this year we were inundated with admirers, potential customers, the press and fellow aircraft companies. For 4 days we took enquiry after enquiry but as we all know aviation fly's on bureaucracy and although we are the smaller end of the market we are affected in the same way as Boeing and Airbus in that to sell the Sherwood Ranger in some overseas countries we need approvals, these we are beginning to work to achieve.