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New Sherwood Ranger Youtube footage


Hot from editing after the Friedrichshafen 2011 show an outstanding video from

Klaus Neumann the photographer and media expert who put this outstanding piece together is normally found catering for the needs of fashion shows and similar events.

If you have an aviation project that need media coverage we can recommend no better than Klaus, contact him at


Friedrichshafen 2011


An outstanding show click here to go to the web page.


Sherwood Ranger on Youtube

Have a look at the Sherwood Ranger flying around Norfolk a small video clip of 2 take off's 2 landings and a bit of airwork.


Sherwood Ranger - Flight Test

20/10/2000 | by David Bremner and first published in Microlight Flying


"What do you want from your microlight? Do you want the thrill of seat-of-the-pants flying? Do you want to travel long distances in comfort? Do you want to get airborne as cheaply as possible? Do you want to get into short, rough strips? Let me read to you from Russ Light's dream. 'Having flown a variety of single and multi-engined aeroplane's the only thing that has ever marred the sheer thrill of this rewarding pastime has been the drain on my pocket. Although I suspect that the majority of private pilots spend most of their time flying alone, a two-seater is a more practical proposition, if only to check out prospective pilots."

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Sherwood Ranger 'Promo' Video

20/10/2008 | Video © Colin Lee | 2mins 57secs (10MB)


Phil Wiltshire discusses the Sherwood Rangers build and performance in this promo video. Please allow the video to buffer before playing.