Why build a Sherwood Ranger?



The Sherwood Ranger is a Classic and Timeless design, it is not subject to the whim's and fashions of other aircraft designs.


The Sherwood Ranger conceived in the late eighties was designed to operate from short farm strips, it's take-off and landing roll are incredibly short and it's crosswind limit high all of which increase it's overall versatility and usability.


The airframe design with simple construction and a unique wing fold system in combination with the wide range of power units make the Sherwood Ranger a Value For Money aircraft with an extremely low cost of ownership.


The folding wing system which does not require any of the controls to be disconnected or slackened enables rapid trailering for home storage or significantly reduced hangarage or storage costs. It takes about 4 to 5 minute to remove the aircraft from the trailer, lock the wings in position and start the pre-flight inspection.


In these days of ever increasing fuel costs, the Sherwood Ranger offers aviators the route to staying in the air at affordable prices. With fuel burns of 12 to 16 ltrs an hour dependant on engine configuration the Sherwood Ranger offers incredible fun, unbelievable short field performance , precise handling at a fraction of the cost of other aircraft.


The Sherwood Ranger is an easy build kit aircraft, the drawings and manuals supplied with the kit have been put together to enable people of varying skills to achieve outstanding results. The kit components are machined on the latest CNC machining centre, all pilot holes are pre-drilled, all welding completed and all bending finished.


Every flight in a Sherwood Ranger always leaves the owner with the "Sherwood Smile". The Sherwood Ranger is a pilots aircraft, control inputs are met with precise handling and at the end of the sortie when the aircraft is on the ramp it always gathers a crowd.


If you have a passion for a classic aircraft or just a desire for timeless aircraft with outstanding ramp credibility the Sherwood Ranger is what you are looking for..........


Links to video's of the Sherwood Ranger in flight are now available on YouTube link on press release page.