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What is in a kit


We are often asked what makes up a Sherwood Ranger kit? Well I can say from experience there is a lot of machining and prep goes into a kit, it is not a few bits of bent metal or 25 kilograms of plastic. When Russ Light did the original design he went to outstanding lengths to create an outstanding airframe, precision engineered to be assembled with out a jig (except for the wings).


Whilst the builder does have an amount of work to do in terms of fettling, filing, fitting and final drilling the principle work of machining all of the critical items, drilling all pilot holes and cutting and bending all of the profiles that give the aircraft its graceful and timeless appearance have been factory made. Since the early days when Russ Light was producing kits we have made significant advances in reducing the build time by automating machining processes and as a result reducing the amount of work the builder has to do. We now supply all sheet items CNC profiled and pilot drilled, all tubes bent and pilot drilled, all ribs CNC laser cut and much more besides.


Take a look at the pictures below, view them with the knowledge that there are many hundreds of hours of work at the factory that go into each kit, a lot of care and attention. We want each and every builder to end up with an aircraft performs as good as it looks, an an aircraft that gathers a crowd when it visits airfields, an aircraft that attracts admiring glances and an aircraft that is timeless, not subject to whims and fashions but a design that will look as good now as it will in the future..........


Front Fuse


Front Fuselage Kit


Rear Fuse


Rear Fuselage Kit


U Cart


Under Carriage








Tail feathers




Wing Kit main spars and drag spars not shown due to size




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