Aircraft maintenance is critical, after all there is no hard shoulder to pull over to at 2000 feet?


Most owners of aircraft do not get involved with aircraft maintenance other than feeling it is expensive and/or as part of their normal pre-flight routine, they empower the organisation who looks after the aircraft to ensure that everything complies with the latest regulations and that the paperwork is correct and up to date. With the majority of professional aircraft maintenance organisations in the UK you will be well looked after and will enjoy trouble free flying, but there is still the odd "man in a van" who will take your money and leave you in a difficult if not potentially illegal position.


If you are such an aircraft owner it would pay you to take marginally more interest in the overall maintenance of your aircraft, and the maintenance organisation will I am sure be motivated by your interest to take time to explain what is being done, why and the implications, if they don't I would suggest it is time to maybe look for another service provider.


Turning the spanners and getting greasy hands is only part of the overall maintenance program, equally important is the paperwork side of the job, and there is a lot of it the advent of EASA Part M has ensured that. As a minimum get to know your log books (the bit at the back), get to understand what work has been done on your aircraft as at the end of the day you will be paying for it, you would check the bill at a restaurant why not for aircraft maintenance?


If you have concerns feel free to give us a call or speak to an industry professional, it might be the best move you have made.